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Michelle Whiteside

We are all on a journey and my most prolific  journey starting 25 years ago. At that time, I didn't know where it would lead, but once I walked in alignment with my values, dreams and hopes all my challenges lead me to my biggest gift - it was ME! 

I have believed, since I was a young girl,  that I was placed on this earth with a grand purpose to help others on a greater level - one person at a time.

I have done a lot of my own work around narcissism, co-dependency,  attachment disorders, and recovery. In order to achieve and sustain my own inner calm and wellness, I needed to find balance in my life and that included self-care, working with an accountability coach, learning new rituals, new habits and new ways of being. As a result I became successful in my own life and relationships by stepping into my own identity creating lasting change. I follow and facilitate the same program today that has a system, support and accountability that works.

I have found many other people who reach various milestones start to desire, in a big way, to close their own success gaps. Whether it's taking care of everyone else before themselves, creating a new business or just wanting to be authentic in their own lives. We can achieve this by overcoming our fears, being in our truth and owning our personal power. This in turn will make us the best version of ourselves!

I am in service to others on their journey for change, love and success. I will hold the light for you to see what is possible, when you can't see or stand on your own; I will hold you accountable as you grow in a safe space; I will  help you find your true identity and work on changing those old beliefs; and I will not let you give up on yourself along the way. 

If you are ready to walk into your life I am here to help guide, support and facilitate your journey back to yourself. Stop waiting, let's begin the journey together now!

​Love and Gratitude,

​ Michelle



​​Certified Life Coach
Certified Health Coach

Certified Master Transformation Coach
Reiki Master Practitioner & Trainer
Meditation Facilitator & Educator
Addiction & Recovery Coach
RADT - Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician
/Team Leadership facilitator
Juvenile "Meet your Future Self" 

Emotional & Social Facilitator for Teens


" Working with Michelle has been an experience I will always be thankful for. Her love of what she does and how she relates to others is phenomenal. She has taught me to start getting in touch with more of my own intuition and get past my own blockades. She will continue to be my “go-to” for love, understanding and non-judgement guiding in my life. Thank you, Michelle, for coming into my life when I needed you the most! I would definitely recommend Michelle for anyone needing a positive boost in attaining their goals. "

- AF

Michelle‘s life coaching program helped me cut through the noise around me to really hear what I needed to prioritize in my life. She is empathetic while also empowering as a coach and I found myself doing more in inner hard work than I expected to do when we started working together. She uses weekly lessons and homework that forced a change in the way I approached things in both my personal and professional life. Once I identified and articulated my priorities, Michelle guided me on a path to achieve success. The biggest thing standing in my way, it turns out, was me! With Michelle’s support, I was amazed at how easily things seemed to fall into place and how much less I struggle to make decisions in my life. Thanks, Michelle! 

- Robin R.

Working with Michelle over the last 90 days has truly been life changing. I think that's a term that is thrown about a lot these days so let me personalize it. I have been on a journey of personal growth for many years and have made some really important changes, but there were still some blocks holding me back. Working with Michelle was work, but it was through that work and taking action that I had some powerful breakthroughs.

First, I realized that as much as I had learned there were some basics that I was not using consistently to make changes in my own life. Michelle was uniquely in tune with me and was able to give me the work I needed to make progress. The weekly accountability and structure helped me realize that I can tune into myself deeply and listen to my body because it will tell me what it needs.

Second, I realized that I am in charge of me, and I can create what I want in my life. The best coaches and mentors are the ones who tell you what you need to hear, and Michelle is just that. She knew when I was struggling and knew what I needed to move me forward. I learned that I could raise my vibration and step into my own brilliance in any and every moment. I know now with unshakable certainty that I am powerful and worthy of everything I desire. 

Michelle is very intuitive and has a wealth of knowledge at her fingertips. Because of her personalized approach for me, I have more clarity of purpose and more confidence in taking action toward my goals and desires. And I know she can do the same for any woman who has a desire to do the work necessary to make powerful changes in their lives! Thank you, Michelle!"
- JC

"When I first started with Michelle I was a bit anxious, unsure of what I might learn and how I was going to integrate it into my life.  Yet she kept reminding me that everything was bite-sized and the work was easy.  She was so RIGHT!!  She kept me accountable, which is something I’ve struggled with by myself, especially if it’s emotional.  I’ve learned how to center myself, how to pause, how to lean into what is right for Me (and not everyone else.  I am no longer afraid to learn more about myself.  I’ve become a better version of myself-more who I am and who I was meant to be!"
​- LT

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